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«Evilibrium: Soul Hunters» is a collectible card game with a role-play twist for mobile devices. The game invites you to the alternate reality at the beginning of the 20th century full of mystics, adventure, horrific creatures, dark rituals and secret cults.
«Evilibrium: Soul Hunters» guides you into the altered universe where souls are real and solid and are commonly used as the source of energy, where the doors to the outer worlds are open ajar, where the art of necromancy is illegal yet practiced, where statues and constructs are brought to life as golems and are walking the streets in broad daylight, where human’s greed is a curse and the very reason the world is doomed almost beyond salvation. From the deepest abyss of the outer dimensions the hideous swarm of abominable beings is marching on and our hero is the one to stand up to the fight. You will be challenged to maneuver between the eminent interests of powerful societies, to unwind the tangled intrigues and secrets, to align with the one of the world’s powers or stand your ground and become the true neutral. And of course, the last but not least – to battle the horde of monsters, to crush them with the iron fist of skill and power, to capture their souls, to bind them into servitude for the rest of eternity, to build the Evil Army of your own to subdue… well, the other evil armies. Fight fire with fire they say.

About Us

Greetings! We are an indie game development studio Orc Work. At the moment we're putting all in creation of collectible card battler under codename Evilibrium 2. Made in a dark, gothic style, it will tell a story of alternative real world development.



Developer: ORC WORK Indie Game Studio Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Release date: Early 2016
Platforms: AppleTV iOS Android Steam
Website: www.soulpunk.me
Regular Price: Free-2-Play


In the beginning there were them spooky tales. Ghosts, souls, dead people and eerie doors. As we grew older we took interest in other things, we argued over life and death questions, we were into mystic novels and horror tales. In 2013 Serge Himmelreich (game producer and owner of ORC WORK studio) and his friend Roman Vlasov (lead gamedesigner) came up with the new concept of an alternate world where souls of living creatures are source of energy much rather than a subject of theological discussions. At about the same time he gathered the ORC WORK team for the purpose of developing the CCG game in the environmental setting of Evilibrium universe. By then we, already a team, had a pretty vague image of that alternate world and pictured it as some kind of fantasy with certain steampunk traits, we also looked up to TCGs and had their influence on us. However, the deeper we dug into it the more clear vision we had, and that new vision was a deal off the point we'd started at. The world of Evilibrium got darker, gained weight and maturity, became more rough and solid, twisted with madness and oppressing gothic. Yet there's a place for some humour in this world, but we are doing our best to conceal it under the veil of pompous speeches and big words.


  1. Fast-paced battles with tactics, unique skills' combos.
  2. True synchronous PvP.
  3. Exciting puzzle-style exploration.
  4. Randomly-generated dungeons, predesigned dungeons.
  5. True collectibles: limited card series, unique cards, animated cards; black market (auction-type card exchane).
  6. Character skill tree with a variety of possible builds.
  7. Alternate history with famous historical figures of the late 19th century.
  8. The course of history with regard to the choices the whole body of players make.
  9. Several NPC fractions watch over the player's activity and choose to deal or deal not with the player upon his course of actions and movements.
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For publishers

Hey all! We are small yet highly skilled and well-organized indie game development team. We've already released one successful project - CCG RPG battler «Dungeons of Evilibrium».
Please have a look at statistics:
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>500 000
1-day:37,3%; 7-day:9,9%; 21-day:4,4%
At the present time we are developing the sequel «Evilibrium II». We took all the best parts from the first game and are adding some new features to improve and deepen the players' experience. We also target the multiple platforms at once with the use of Unity3D technologies.
At the moment we are looking for a publisher we can rely on to to make our new game even more successful and well-known.
More info about our team at: www.orcwork.com
Please address your inquires to: pr_shaman@orcwork.com

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