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«Evilibrium II: Soul Hunters is a card collection game with dynamic fights, deep storyline and meditative dungeon exploration. Players will freely travel the world map, participate in intrigues and conspiracies, fight monsters and other players, entrap souls to create an army, improve and evolve captured species and collect part of the mysterious Frankenstein’s Machine.»
«The action takes place in a world that we invented from scratch, a world that could have been our present had Victor Frankenstein the scientist actually lived. In the world of Evilibrium he is a legend, a man who proved that souls of all living beings are real and material enough to be extracted and used as a powerful source of energy. The offline single player campaign is ready for testing. The multiplayer action is coming up in October. We plan to improve the game constantly for it to be fully functional on-line world with a sophisticated world and regular events.»

About Us

Orc Work Games is a small but skilled development team, a dozen of creative people who love games. Summer 2017 has marked our 5 years together. We strive to make versatile deep games for mobile platforms. Our latest project has been inspired by the artwork of the Darkest Dungeon, atmosphere of the Dark Souls, mystic stories of Howard Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe and gothic legends.



Developer: ORC WORK GAMES Indie Game Studio Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Release date: October 2017
Platforms: iOS Android Steam
Website: www.soulpunk.me
Regular Price: Free-2-Play


Having started in June 2015 we developed "Evilibrium II: Soul Hunters", a game that won the Audience Choice Award at Casual Connect USA in July 2016. The crazy mix of dark fantasy and steampunk that players will see in our game has even got a special name - soulpunk. The name is derived from the fact that souls serve as fuel in our gloomy cruel world of Evilibrium. In the last year that world became even more grim and ominous but with a place for hope and good humor. We hope players will enjoy the depth of narrative design and the hardcore battling and card collection mechanics.

The game Features

  1. Fast-paced battles with tactics, unique skills' combos.
  2. Puzzle type dungeon exploration;
  3. Dozens of cards to collect and evolve;
  4. Randomly-generated dungeons, predesigned dungeons.
  5. Open world map;
  6. Mixed story tailing and interesting characters;
  7. Twisted plot presented through numerous quests

Nearest plans:

  1. Raise the game to full MMORPG
  2. Regular events;
  3. PvP system;
  4. More quests;
  5. Player skill tree;
  6. Player equipment inventory;
  7. More monsters;
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For publishers

Hey all! We are small yet highly skilled and well-organized indie game development team. We've already released one successful project - CCG RPG battler «Dungeons of Evilibrium». Please have a look at statistics:
Number of Installs: Retention: Average LTV: PU (Paid Users): ARPPU: >500 000 1-day:37,3%; 7-day:9,9%; 21-day:4,4% $2,64 1,9% $16,50
At the present time we are developing the sequel «Evilibrium II». We took all the best parts from the first game and are adding some new features to improve and deepen the players' experience. We also target the multiple platforms at once with the use of Unity3D technologies. At the moment we are looking for a publisher we can rely on to to make our new game even more successful and well-known.
More info about our team at: www.orcwork.com Please address your inquires to: magic@orcwork.com

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